Ethics and Research Integrity

Course code: BTH 710

In this course, participants will learn about the imperative for integrity and its common violations – falsification, plagiarism, fabrication, and other deviant behaviors

Course objective

Students will:

a. Understand the principal features of RCR, RSI and its violations
b. Learn how to investigate scientific misconduct, evaluate, and implement remedial measures
c. Understand conflict of interest
d. Appreciate the role of industry, media, and the community in the scientific enterprise

Course Topics

1. Definitions of RCR, RSI and CoI concepts
2. Principles of ethical conduct of research
3. Research data management
4. Collaboration, Data and Resource sharing
5. How to report misconduct
6. Intellectual property rights
7. Authorship, peer review and publication ethics
8. Avoiding plagiarism
9. Conflicts of interest
10. Collaborative research projects – equity, justice, and power relationships
11. Mentoring
12. The role of the scientist in the Society: The duty to engage and inform
13. Fostering integrity in research environment and institution