Principles of Negotiation & Conflict resolution

Course code: BTH 745

This course is designed to help students to:
recognize steps that lead to poor negotiation decisions;
identify a range of negotiation strategies and the need to deploy different strategies across different contexts;
recognize different phases of a negotiation and learn what to do in each phase;
understand how these skills and strategies can be deployed in everyday life activities.

The course will explore different explanations for the origins of human conflict, and types of conflict. It will help students to understand a general framework for:
analyzing and resolving conflict;
conflict escalation and de-escalation;
conflict with faculty and students in resolving RCR, RSI, CoI, DEI, and SWSHE issues.

The course will also describe a set of common effective communication and listening skills and how they apply and bridge the gap between ‘knowing’ and ‘doing’ so that students can put these interactional skills into practice.


Prof. Malomo

Course coordinator