Certificate Training in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

This blended short-term, in-person course is designed to inform you of the principles and practice of responsible conduct of research and it meets current United States guidelines for RCR training including minimum of 8 hours of face-to-face contact

Course title

Responsible Conduct of Research




International researchers are often not aware of the standard and knowledge of RCR that is required of researchers in the U.S. The training will help participants to understand integrity, efficiency, reproducibility, and objectivity in implementing research projects. The course will provide participants with knowledge of core RCR topics. Upon completion of the course, participants would have complied with the NIH requirement for at least 8 hours of face-to-face training in RCR.


This is a 2-day blended program in RCR with

• Online component (online lectures, discussion forum and quizzes). The online lectures are hosted on the Center for Bioethics and Research website – CITI Responsible Conduct of Research and Conflict of Interest courses.

• Offline In-Person component where concepts are further clarified, discussions on case studies to examine RCR issues and how to resolve them are held and examinations conducted.

Learning Objectives

The training will teach participants about Research integrity and the accepted professional standards and norms in the conduct of research.

Suggested Audiences

• Researchers
• Research Team Members
• Health Research Ethics Committees’ members and administrative staff
• Institutional/Signatory Officials
• Institutional Research Integrity Officers (RIO)
• Nurses
• Physicians
• Faculty
• Postdoctoral Researchers
• Principal Investigators

Course content

This includes Authorship, Collaborative Research, Conflicts of Interest and scientific objectivity, Data Management, Research collaboration, Mentoring, Publication and Peer Review, Plagiarism, Research Involving Human Subject, Research Misconduct, and policies for handling misconduct, Using Animal Subjects in Research, Reproducibility of research results.

How to apply

Interested institutions should contact the Program Officer (RCR Training) at the Center for Bioethics and Research by sending an email to info@surerproject.net.

Additional RCR opportunities at CBR

1. Let us help your institution set up its Research Integrity Office. Contact us at info@surerproject.net
2. Want more advanced RCR training, see our Blended Diploma Program and Masters Degree in RCR.